About Us

The idea for Bundle of Joy Company was conceived in November of 2019.  
Baby items were fresh on Joy and Sam Edwards’ minds since just one month earlier was the joyous addition to their family, a beautiful baby girl who Joy loved dressing up!
On their trip to Louisiana for family Thanksgiving, Joy expressed her idea for starting her own baby clothing line.  Sam had already seen her researching styles and fabrics and he knew that passionate, creative look in her eyes.  He also knew how successful she had been in all her creative, business endeavors, so he listened intently as she poured out ideas with growing excitement.
Joy grew up being taught by her mom how to do many crafty things, one of which was sewing.  So, she eagerly began collecting high quality materials and sewing onsies herself!  Although enjoyable, it quickly became evident this was not sustainable given the scope of what Joy envisioned offering and expanding. Attention was then turned to a hunt for the best, high quality baby and toddler clothing on the market; all the while Sam did brand creation development.
After a year of extensive research and planning, Bundle of Joy Company was birthed!!!
Bundle of Joy Company is a beautiful collection of uniquely designed clothing of the highest quality materials and craftmanship. All BOJC products are GOTS Certified. The Edwards hope you enjoy shopping at their store for the precious bundle of joy in your life!
Joy and Sam Edwards